May 6, 2021 {from: the Nautilus Book Awards team; first paragraph addressed to all authors who submitted books} First, we are stunned with Joy by the outpouring of passion, commitment, and collaboration from all of you and which is needed so very much at this time. The pulse of energy embodied in your books has indeed helped to spark the greater life of our world.  Please know that we treasure you and your work.

          We are thrilled to announce that you are a new Nautilus Book Award Winner!  Your book has been selected as an Award Winner. Title:  Between the Rocks & the Stars: Narratives in Natural History   Author:  Stephen Daubert
We welcome you to the Nautilus Book Awards family, comprised of highly esteemed authors and publishers from across the USA, and from over 20 nations around the world. You can be especially proud of your book’s selection as an Award Winner this season, which attracted a record-number of entries and included a magnificent diversity of high-quality books.  On behalf of all the Nautilus reviewers, team of judges, staff, and volunteers, thank you for sending your book as an entry to the 2020 Nautilus program. May your book’s message bring hope, wisdom, healing, and inspiration to many people. Thank you for your Book and all you contribute to Better Books for a Better World. 


June 22, 2020 {from: Mike, in L A} Steve, Very interesting, all new information for me, I’ve never been to Yellowstone but always wanted to go, this piqued my interest.

[Mike read “The Rockies Zephyr”, one of my stories, which shows the effect of the Yellowstone geologic hot-spot on the weather in Yellowstone National park.]


February 20, 2020 {from: Kent, in Montana} Hi Guys — I’ve attached a photo of the snake. Too bad we didn’t get to see him fly, although they are mildly poisonous. 🙂 It’s fun seeing all the added nature when you two are along!

[Steve replies] Yes Kent, Sentosa Island was full of surprises. This was the Paradise Flying Tree Snake, an adult. Notice how it is flattened. I was tempted to handle it, but it looks so much like a boomslang…