Threads from the Web of Life.  Chapter 1: Stories in the Sand (Grouper).  2: The Neon Flying Squid Vanish.  3: The Calm beyond the Surf (Condor). 4: The Living Wood (micromoths).  5:  Forbidden Fruit (Psilocybe).  6. The Secret of the Cenotés.  7. House Keeping (owl / blind snake association). 8. Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing (wasp parasite of a butterfly parasite of ants).  9 Trail runner: the opening of Sister Falls Lake (prehistoric rifting of Gondwanaland). 10. Sea green: the broadening of Sister Falls Lake (the opening of the South Atlantic). 11. Set in Motion (point of initiation of a tropical cyclone). 12. Living on the Edge of Springtime (hummingbird migration).  13. Chestnut Warbler (the disturbed forest niche).  14. Sighting in the Desert (pelican migration).  15. Silver Sword (adaptive radiation of a flower transplanted from North American to Hawaii).  16. Mountain Time (volcanic cold gas eruption).


The Shark and the Jellyfish.  Chapter 1. Accidental Airmail (Osprey transplantation of fish stock).  2. The Essence of Survival (rabbit). 3. March of the Oaks (movement of the forest boundary during climate cycles).  4. Wolf Spring (predator control of herbivores impacts foliage growth).  5. Where Nothing Grows (carnivorous plants).  6. Eye of the Needle (dragonfly sight).  7. Spider on the Fly (web-borne migration).  8. Sky Walkers (airborne reptiles).  9.  Nutcracker (ecology of White-bark Pine blight)   10. Flying Lessons (cumulonimbus tornado genesis).  11. Sanderling (shorebird migration between hemispheres).  12.  Unseen Masters of the Sea (jellyfish).  13. Water World (seabird adaptation to the pelagic life). 14. Sturgeon.  15. Life in the Sky (Frigatebird).  16. The bitter taste of success (beetle ecology).  17. Fair Weather Desert (warbler migration through suburbia).  18. Tree-squirrel-fungus (flying squirrel / truffle association).  19. Focal Point (anglewing butterfly).  20. Puppeteers (parasitic microbes that effect host animal behaviors). 21. The Light Fantastic (perception of starlight). 22. Gold.  23. Incandescent Falls (shield volcanoes). 24. Window on the Sky (snowflakes).  25. Liaisons to a rare planetary alignment (planet-crossing asteroid orbit).  26. A dangerous place (galactic spiral arms).

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